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Platonic love

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Clearly, today this is no longer completely the case. And like its ancient origins, the expectation of a platonic relationship today is relatively the same: It is rooted in genuine honesty, and the ability to be yourself around that person without fear of censure, or abandonment.

Platonic VS Romantic Relationships

A simple way to sum it up would be: The following three characteristics of platonic love will help you recognize it, manage your expectations of it, and keep that relationship happy, and healthy, and thriving for years to come. There is little need for deceit in a purely platonic relationship. Unlike in a romantic relationship, there is no fear that the person will leave you because they were never with you in the first place.

You can have a fight, not speak for a month, then patch things up, and things will pretty much go back to normal.

What Is Platonic Love?

There is no need to maintain a facade. In some sense, this brutal honesty is great; in fact, it is often a relief. You can ask the unaskable questions, and not have to worry too much about the status of your relationship.

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You can talk openly about your dating troubles, and share your personal gaffes without worrying about how it makes you look. A romantic relationship is less like a rock, and more like a flower. It has to be carefully cultivated, and taken care of; it is fragile and liable like a flower to die without the proper attention.

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This is when the real work begins. Platonic love is much less delicate and can weather these ups and downs. You may also like article continues below:. Platonic relationships require especially in the beginning strong boundaries. These are not normally discussed or negotiated the way steps are in romantic relationships, but they hover in the background nonetheless. As time passes, you will know how far you can push those boundaries, and when you have to pull back.

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For example, when you travel together — do you share a room? If you do, will that change if one or both of you gets involved with someone romantically? Platonic love requires a lot of trust.

This is especially true when you or your platonic bestie are in a romantic relationship. If your significant other has a platonic BFF, how would that play out for you?